Customer Service Means Something!

Every business in the service industry will say they provide the best service possible. Most that have been in business several years can honestly make this claim.  The service industry is a rough and tumble place. It is not for the faint of heart.  Its where if you are not making an effort to provide…


Life at ACF: It’s all about culture!

At ACF we have an excellent total compensation & benefits package, but the number one benefit is our culture!  ACF has a uniquely family-friendly, “work hard-play hard” environment.  Our team works hard to keep us profitable and maintain our competitive edge, and our company responds by providing a fun, open forum that positively impacts our…


Diesel Generator Set Preventive Maintenance

Diesel generator sets are remarkable.  They can start and assume a full-rated load in under 10 seconds and can run for months if needed without a major overhaul. They are renowned for their durability, reliability and performance. Where dependable backup power is required you will often see diesel generator sets leading the charge. No matter…


Miami Generator repair and service

Is your company looking for an ethical generator service and repair company in Miami and surrounding area? ACF Standby Systems may be the company for you. The Miami area is a tough market to serve with many options for you to choose from. You’ve also been probably disappointed with the level of service you may…


Rust Tune Up on Your generator

Florida weather can be brutal on outdoor equipment. Protect your investment with a weather proofing check up. Let ACF Standby Systems give you a free estimate on removing rust, repainting and changing out rusted hinges and screws on your generator.  Call Mike Skrypek at 800-282-5359 x 119 to schedule a FREE visit.

Winter Back-up

When we think about the Sunshine State and electricity consumption, we are inclined to picture high demand for energy on a steamy July afternoon. It seems logical to pay special attention to safeguarding your business from power outages during the summer months. While it is important to make sure that energy demand on an exceptionally…


Power Outage 101

A lot of people are willing to gamble when it comes to backup power. They feel that power outages are rare occurrences that don’t really pose a significant threat. But ask anyone who operates a data or manufacturing facility that has lost power for say, more than five minutes, if power outages do not pose…