Diesel Fuel Testing

Ensure your generator doesn’t let you down in an emergency situation.

One of the main reasons that generators fail to start or operate properly during a power outage is due to contaminated diesel fuel. Water, sand, rust and sludge clog fuel filters and ruin injectors causing engines to stall, smoke and not produce power. Proper diesel fuel maintenance is a guaranteed way to ensure that your generator will start up properly. Our certified technicians will test and, if required, clean your diesel fuel for you.

Does your fuel meet NFPA and AHCA code compliance for Emergency Power Systems?

Fuel oil in any storage tank must pass an annual fuel quality Test required by AHCA. This test ensures that there is no free water, no sediment and nothing clouding the fuel or floating in it. If the test fails, per NFPA 110, anyone storing diesel fuel for emergency or standby power generation must:

  1. Replace the fuel and clean the diesel fuel tank (not a cost-effective choice).
  2. Filter the fuel (polish) to remove any water, sludge and other contaminants.

We provide NFPA 110 and AHCA fuel testing to monitor the state of your diesel fuel. Upon completion of the sampling, we will present you with a report outlining our findings and what, if anything, needs to be done to ensure your diesel fuel meets these standards.

Automated Fuel Polishing

If you’re operating a facility that stores large quantities of diesel fuel an automated diesel fuel polishing system is the answer. As the description suggests, these systems will clean your diesel fuel automatically. The fuel filtration system will circulate the fuel from the bottom of the tank through filters, removing water and sediment and will then return the clean fuel back to the tank.