ACF Standby Systems:

Power Generation When Crisis Hits

ACF Standby Systems is Dedicated to Providing Backup Power to Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The world’s water supply is being taxed like never before, with human demand doubling every 20 years. And with even less capacity, every water treatment facility is more critical. Whether that critical demand is due to the need to provide water to homes, or keep sewage from flowing into them, there has never been a time that water treatment was more important and in more need than now.

More than just keeping water flowing to the right places, during prolonged outages, under-treatment is a serious risk to population health. Maintaining power at water treatment plants is key to making sure the water that is delivered to homes and businesses is safe. They need power for dosing treatment chemicals, measuring treatment performance, and powering pumps.

Without power, many homes are left without clean water, and the treatment facilities themselves may face serious complications, such as sewage discharge and the contamination of clean water.

The Facts:

Clean Water Demands

Did you know?

The average U.S. Household uses up to 400 gallons of water per day, making clean water an essential resource during power outages.

Outages are Common

Did you know?

The most common cause for an interruption of service within a wastewater treatment facility is an electrical outage.

Maintenance is Key

Did you know?

During Hurricane Sandy, many WWT generators failed after 24-48 hours because they had not been properly serviced & maintained.

Custom-Tailored Solutions for Your Industrial Needs

Every water or wastewater treatment facility is unique. It has unique requirements for start up time, starting load, critical load, total load, and the type of fuel is best suited. Therefore, the initial decision is often the most important. ACF Standby Systems stresses the importance of being right-sized from the start. Creating the exact solution that each facility needs is a consultative strength of the ACF Standby Systems team partnership.

Standby Systems' Modular Power Solution

For water and wastewater facilities, two paralleled generators are often superior to a single unit due the unique requirements of the pump systems and the need for redundant backup. ACF Standby Systems Modular Power Systems (MPS) can offer up to 99.999% reliability with multiple points of redundancy, but without the expense and space requirements of traditional paralleling solutions.

With Generac Industrial Power Generators, there is no unproven, expensive, third-party equipment – our switchgear is integrated within the gensets, which means Standby Systems can provide you with an afford­able and scalable solution.